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  • Scientists Drop Absolutely Stunning New View of the Milky Way Galaxy

    Scientists Drop Absolutely Stunning New View of the Milky Way Galaxy

    Saw this article during my morning reading. Scientists drop absolutely stunning new view of the Milky Way galaxy The above article references the main one. Billions of Celestial Objects Revealed in Gargantuan Survey of the Milky Way Space is so humbling. Here we are in what is generally considered a below averaged sized galaxy, but […]

  • My IMAC Airplane Odyssey

    My IMAC Airplane Odyssey

    I know. I haven’t posted in a long while. Been a lot going on. I’m still fly IMAC, but I’ve changed jobs, moved, and crashed my main contest plane. It’s the crash that started the odyssey to a new contest plane. I’m writing this post to force me to ensure my new plane is ready […]

  • Adding the Motor

    Adding the Motor

    Time to install this baby: That’s four cylinders and 200cc of awesomeness. This will turn a 3-blade, 29 inch prop, and produce about 19 hp. It should be more than enough for a 40+ lb plane. First order of business is to wire up all the necessary electronics: Time for some more extensions… Next up, […]

  • Adding the Brain

    Adding the Brain

    I need to equip the new plane with a brain and servos. This plane will require nine servos. All servos come from ProModeler. Rather than use some of the more name brand servos, I decided to go with this small business that specializes in servos for military drones. It’s a great, local business where the […]

  • IMAC for Better Flying

    IMAC for Better Flying

    Full scale or models, I’ve always been interested in precision aerobatics. Since I’m not able to fly full scale aerobatics, I stick to models. There are two styles of precision aerobatics. Pattern – The has been part of RC since the 60s, and it has evolved a lot over the decades. These planes are all […]

  • My New Toy – The Beast

    My New Toy – The Beast

    As an engineer, I feel the need to build stuff all the time, and it’s not always software. Aviation is another passion of mine. If I can’t fly the real ones, the radio control models work for me. After a long layoff from the hobby, I jumped in again with both feet. The best part […]

  • Disappointed in Apple

    I’ve been using Apple products since the early 90’s. It started with a Mac Iici, and it moved on from there with one stretch where I left. Unfortunately, right now I’m starting to see similar issues  to the last time I left. Back when I left last time, quality was becoming a problem. Lately I’m […]

  • Too cool – Andromeda if it were brighter

    Too cool – Andromeda if it were brighter

    Saw this around the web. Supposedly, this is what the Andromeda galaxy would look like if it were brighter. I can see Andromeda just about every night when I go out with the dog. Seeing it like this. however, would be another experience. At first, I thought this was fake, but various sources are confirming […]

  • Stop Sending Passwords in Emails!

    As you may have noticed from my About Me, I build software, and much of that software requires serious security. Whether it be health data or educational, data security is king. What I can’t understand is why companies that claim a good privacy policy send me my password in an email. Whether it’s temporary or […]

  • My New Favorite Podcast

    My New Favorite Podcast

    I am unfortunately in that group of souls that have a long commute. I can’t control where my great job is, but that doesn’t mean I like spending so much time in the car. To pass the time, I look for interesting podcasts, and I’ve stumbled on one that has me fascinated. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore […]