There are several ways to subscribe to this calendar. The calendar will always be available here on this page, but you can also pick one of the following additional ways.

  • Dates are on the IMAC Site
  • The calendar is available as a web page from Google Calendar. If you use Google Calendar normally or have an Android device, use the same link to add to your calendars. Refer to Google’s instructions and follow the “Use a link to add a public calendar” steps.
  • For the Apple users out there, use this iCal link to subscribe to the IMAC NE calendar. See Apple’s instructions for the steps. Note, clicking on “iCal link” above will not automatically add the subscription. You have to copy the link and use it for the “calendar’s web address” from the instructions.
    • On a Mac/PC, right click on iCal link and select “Copy Link”
    • On an iOS device, press and hold on iCal link, and a menu should pop up and select “Copy Link”
    • Don’t have an Android device, but I think the process for “right click” is the same as iOS.