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  • My IMAC Airplane Odyssey

    My IMAC Airplane Odyssey

    I know. I haven’t posted in a long while. Been a lot going on. I’m still fly IMAC, but I’ve changed jobs, moved, and crashed my main contest plane. It’s the crash that started the odyssey to a new contest plane. I’m writing this post to force me to ensure my new plane is ready […]

  • Adding the Motor

    Adding the Motor

    Time to install this baby: That’s four cylinders and 200cc of awesomeness. This will turn a 3-blade, 29 inch prop, and produce about 19 hp. It should be more than enough for a 40+ lb plane. First order of business is to wire up all the necessary electronics: Time for some more extensions… Next up, […]

  • Adding the Brain

    Adding the Brain

    I need to equip the new plane with a brain and servos. This plane will require nine servos. All servos come from ProModeler. Rather than use some of the more name brand servos, I decided to go with this small business that specializes in servos for military drones. It’s a great, local business where the […]