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  • iPhone Wishlist

    I’ve been an iPhone user since the first weekend the 3G came out, and so far I love it. Prior to the iPhone, I was a Blackberry user for a while. My reasons for waiting to change were: My contract with Verizon conveniently ended the same month the 3G came out. AT&T had lousy coverage […]

  • The Secret in Building 26

    I just finished reading The Secret in Building 26: The Untold Story of How America Broke the Final U-boat Enigma Code. What a fascinating read! I’ve written before about the UK’s contribution to code breaking during WWII (Neglect of Bletchley condemned and Bletchley Park Update), but this is the first time I learned about some of […]

  • Jury Duty – Epic Fail

    Today, I was scheduled for Jury Duty. Actually, I was an alternate with instructions to call a number after 3:00 PM the day before. The instructions said there would be a recording to let us know whether we would be needed or not. Like a good citizen, I called the number at 3:15 PM, but […]

  • Gadgets and Being Green

    I like to think that I am pretty green. I have an efficient house, no more SUV, not a ton of garbage, etc. Recently, however, I began to wonder if it is possible to be green if you are a techie and/or into gadgets. Gadget lovers and techies have tons of electronic stuff around the […]

  • Windbelt – Third World Power

    Windbelt – Third World Power – Wind Generator – Video – Breakthrough Awards – Popular Mechanic I love it when people take something simple and make it useful. Turning this macro will be a trick, but it is a neat concept regardless. Put this down as another one of those “Why didn’t anyone think of […]

  • Watching “The War”

    Leadership: Watching “The War” I’m also a history buff, especially 1939-1945. Ken Burns new documentary, “The War”, is so far one of the best series I’ve seen on the subject. I know this has nothing to do with technology, but it is about life and what happened in our past to allow us to be […]

  • Wave Energy

    SWRDA : News Centre Now this I like. Waves move around, and this system uses the motion to generate electricity. It’s clean, and no one sees it. Keeping everything attached in the North Atlantic seems to be a challenge though. Keep an eye on this. If it works, I suspect we will see more of […]

  • Management Methods, Models, and Theories

    Management Methods | Management Models | Management Theories No wonder things are often messed up. How many methods can there be? For me, it’s simple. Lay out the ground rules and goals, and then get out of the way. The people are here to do a job. Let them do it!

  • Been away…

    Been away…

    Been away for a while. Between working on my new company, Inquisix, and a much needed vacation, I haven’t had a chance to write anything in a while. Waking up every day to see the view below really does cause one to simply relax instead of working much. This is Newport Beach, CA, and my […]

  • The ultimate iTunes Media Server – I Don’t Think So

    How-To: The ultimate iTunes Media Server – MacTalk Forums OK, I’m a big Mac fan, but there are some things that a PC (Windows or Linux) just does better, and a media server is one of them. I’m an audio / video nut. Combine that with some handiness with construction and computer knowledge, and you […]