Jury Duty – Epic Fail

Today, I was scheduled for Jury Duty. Actually, I was an alternate with instructions to call a number after 3:00 PM the day before. The instructions said there would be a recording to let us know whether we would be needed or not. Like a good citizen, I called the number at 3:15 PM, but instead of a recording I heard:
“Jury pool. Leave a message.”

Not particularly informative. I tried again several times throughout the afternoon without any luck. After looking around the web, I was able to find another information number that I called. After many questions and a long wait, I finally got to someone that let me know that I “probably” will not be needed.

Now, it snowed pretty good here last night, and my original letter from the court said to call the same day after 6:30 AM if there is snow. I did, and this time I heard:

“Enter your extension.”

Again, not very informative. I entered by group number, thinking that maybe that is what they wanted. I was rewarded with “That extension is busy.” Nice.

Anyway, I’m going with what the person at the info line told me, but you would think they might have this process figured out by now. Hopefully, I don’t end up with a big fine down the road because you know that part they probably have pretty well figured out.






2 responses to “Jury Duty – Epic Fail”

  1. Dennis Avatar

    I haven’t been summoned yet, but I dread the day.

  2. Dave Avatar

    I actually sat on a Jury once. It’s not too bad, except there is a LOT of waiting.

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