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  • My IMAC Airplane Odyssey

    My IMAC Airplane Odyssey

    I know. I haven’t posted in a long while. Been a lot going on. I’m still fly IMAC, but I’ve changed jobs, moved, and crashed my main contest plane. It’s the crash that started the odyssey to a new contest plane. I’m writing this post to force me to ensure my new plane is ready […]

  • IMAC for Better Flying

    IMAC for Better Flying

    Full scale or models, I’ve always been interested in precision aerobatics. Since I’m not able to fly full scale aerobatics, I stick to models. There are two styles of precision aerobatics. Pattern – The has been part of RC since the 60s, and it has evolved a lot over the decades. These planes are all […]

  • My New Toy – The Beast

    My New Toy – The Beast

    As an engineer, I feel the need to build stuff all the time, and it’s not always software. Aviation is another passion of mine. If I can’t fly the real ones, the radio control models work for me. After a long layoff from the hobby, I jumped in again with both feet. The best part […]