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  • The Web Me

    It took a while, but I finally got to the top. Those of you with a name like a celebrity or a common name know what I mean. Use Google to search for yourself. What page are you on? I happen to have the same name as a former Mr. Olympia and actor from from […]

  • Body Heat Could Charge Your Cellphone

    Body Heat Could Charge Your Cellphone Saw this article the other day, and I couldn’t get over the possibilities. As interesting as charging your cellphone from body heat is, think of all the other possibilities. If you live in the North East like I do, you could generate electricity from the lost heat of your […]

  • Scaling Ruby and Twitter

    Scaling Twitter: Making Twitter 10000 Percent Faster | High Scalability There is some great information in here about scaling a RoR site – or any site for that matter. Earlier this year, I was in a position as the CTO to make a decision whether to migrate my site from Java to Ruby on Rails. […]

  • Death Star Home Theater

    Home Entertainment: Death Star Home Theater – Gizmodo Ok, this is a little wrong on a few counts, but no one mentions that the business of Star Wars must be very good. The Meridian speakers alone in this room run about $100,000. Not bad…

  • Salt water as fuel?

    MAKE: Blog: Salt water as fuel? My gut tells me this may be like the cold fusion tests, but can you imagine if salt water could be used as fuel? The possibilities are endless. Cheap, clean energy…

  • Hello world!

    This is my first post of many. Why Big Dave? First of all, when you are 6’5″ tall, people tend to classify you as big. Pretty soon I was always being referred to as “Big Dave”. It’s interesting that even before “Big Dave” stuck, I always stuck by the phrase “Go big, or stay home!” […]