The Web Me

It took a while, but I finally got to the top. Those of you with a name like a celebrity or a common name know what I mean. Use Google to search for yourself. What page are you on? I happen to have the same name as a former Mr. Olympia and actor from from the movie “Pumping Iron.” For the longest time, his name dominated searches for me. Now, between this blog, LinkedIn, and a couple of other web voices, I am at the top of the list. It’s actually pretty impressive considering none of the web sites that mention me get huge amounts of hints, but Google still is able to rank based on relevance and recentness.
Lesson learned. If you want to get yourself found on the web, start a blog and get people to link to it. Note, reciprocal links don’t count as much (if at all).

The funny thing is that by me linking to the other Dave’s site above, I may have just moved my rank down since a big part of page rank is inbound links. Now I just need more people to link to this blog…






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