6th Gen iPods won’t work with Linux, Winamp, or Media Center

6th Gen iPods won’t work with Linux, Winamp – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
I’m a big Apple fan, but this upsets me. On my Mac, I use iTunes, but my media library is managed on a Windows server running J. River Media Center (JRMC). iTunes is OK, but it doesn’t come close to what JRMC can do. Plus, I can’t fit my 300+ Gig library on my Mac. With JRMC, I can keep my MacBook Pro and my iPod in sync with different music if I want. Now, it looks like Apple wants to force me to use iTunes. Sorry, Apple, but iTunes is not the greatest. It’s barely adequate. For less than $40, JRMC gets me:

  • Library that can handle 10’s of thousands of files effieciently
  • Practically infinite control over viewing and sorting
  • Support up to 6 zones of audio
  • Synchronize to multiple devices with different music and even different formats
  • Easily controlled via a remote – I don’t need a monitor, keyboard, or mouse. My server sits in a closet, and I control everything with a programmable IR remote
  • Support for 15 UPnP devices (like a Roku Soundbridge)
  • Manages my photos and videos from the same application

This is only a partial list. I have no association with J. River. I’m just a happy customer.

Come on Apple, get with the program!






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