Why music really is getting louder

Why music really is getting louder-Arts & Entertainment-Music-TimesOnline
For a serious music lover like me, this has been an issue for several years now. How loud and distorted became synonymous with sounding better is beyond me. Maybe I’m an audio snob, but I like to hear all the dynamic range. I like all the small details, and I don’t want them clipped off in the name of making the recording as loud as possible. Maybe if I only listened on an iPod, it wouldn’t be as much of a deal, but I built myself a media room in my basement (when I’m not coding and building products, I’m coding some new automation system or tweaking the sound down there). Most new music is hard to listen to on a good system. Rather than sound better because it’s louder, it becomes difficult to stand. I know what you’re thinking. Maybe I just don’t like the music. I assure you that is not it.

To really hear this, set up a playlist with a combination of old and new recordings. When an old recording is playing, set the volume fairly high and wait for a newer recording. When the new recording comes on, you will find yourself reaching for the volume control.

Please Mr. Recording Engineer, let is hear the music as the artists intended.






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