Really Bad Customer Service

Long ago in another life I was a Mac user (at least at home). I also became a loyal Quicken user. This was back in 1991 or 1992. Along the way, I bit the bullet and replaced my home Mac with a PC (grudgingly). Now, I’m back to a Mac at home and loving it. Unfortunately, I’m not as happy with Quicken for Mac. It works fine, and I was able to get all my data transferred over pretty easily. Online banking was a snap to setup, but things went downhill when I tried to add Quicken Bill Pay back to my checking account. Quicken Bill Pay decided to download every bill paid going back to 2004. This resulted in hundreds of duplicates in my register and my balance being way off.
Several more attempts and a lot of web searching later, and I still had no solution. I went to Quicken support and chatted with several people, but they all had the same answer.

“Manually delete the duplicate transactions.”

My response is “Maybe you missed something. This is 3+ years worth of transactions!” I can’t believe that a sane company would not have a solution for this given that I found several others with the same problem. Personally, I could never in good conscience tell a customer to manually delete hundreds of transactions. It shocks me that they could even say it. It’s not like we are talking about a strange scenario.







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