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  • Checkout Hoptoad by thoughtbot, inc.

    I’ve been using Hoptoad for about two months now, and I’m sold. Hoptoad is a product by thoughbot, inc. Previously, I’ve always used the excellent exception_notification plugin. The exception_notification plugin is easy to use, and it works great. However, there are a couple of problems with it. You could flood your inbox if there is […]

  • Gotcha with find_each and find_in_batches

    Rails 2.3 added a couple of nice new methods – find_each and find_in_batches. Both methods accomplish the same thing in a slightly different way. Unlike a normal finder these methods grab objects in batches instead of all at once. For instance, if you have 500,000 users, you don’t want to do the following: User.find(:all).each { […]